We have the ideal industrial jetting tools for graffiti removal

A number of you will be aware of a change in law in North Carolina, America, which has made property owners legally responsible for the removal of any graffiti on their premises. Whilst this may seem exceptionally harsh, since it’s hardly likely that the owner caused the graffiti, it does at least allow property owners the freedom to arrange for faster and more effective removal than would happen in the hands of the authorities. There are a number of parallels which can be drawn between this change in America and the subject of graffiti removal here in the United Kingdom.

Graffiti RemovalWhilst it is true – thankfully – that we here in the UK appreciate much more supportive, involved and active councils and local authorities, there is oddly no common policy across them in respect of graffiti removal. An investigation into which Boroughs and Councils do and do not remove graffiti, and the circumstances under which they do, reveal a complex set of conditions and time consuming processes. One would be forgiven for, not long after trying to work out who needs to do what to have it removed, simply working to get the graffiti removed themselves. This is something that can be done through the private sector quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

It would be ideal if councils simply moved in and effectively removed graffiti soon after it was reported, but as we know this is not what happens. They can take days, indeed weeks, to respond, leaving you to put up with the horrid appearance. If we are brutally honest, often graffiti contains obscene language and images, which are things that you do not want on your building. Contracting Hydroblast to remove the graffiti by using industrial jetting equipment will, ultimately, be to your benefit in cases like this, as it allows you to make sure your building looks as it should and as you want it to.

At Hydroblast only precision, state of the art Falch industrial jetting equipment is used. This equipment is as renowned for being as effective as it is environmentally friendly. Using the specialists of Hydroblast to remove any graffiti or paint markings on building walls is a fast, efficient and cost competitive means of ensuring your property is not scarred or blighted.

You get the feeling that if they thought they could get away with it, UK politicians would also try and force through laws like they have in the USA which bizarrely make property owners legally responsible for fixing vandalism. They are no doubt aware, however, that the British public would not stand for that sort of thing. As the British way is to get on with it and get things done, however, using a company like Hydroblast to remove unwanted graffiti makes sense anyway, no matter who or which organization is supposed to be responsible for doing it.


Have your industrial tanks cleaned comprehensively by our experts

Whatever type of tank it is that you need cleaning, you can be assured that Hydroblast can offer you quick and satisfactory results. Utilising high powered water jets for cleaning purposes, no job is too big or too small for our machinery or our expertise. Designed to turn a potentially hazardous job into one that can be completed quickly and easily, our tank cleaning service can save you both money and time.

We use specialist Falch machines in order to clean out a variety of tanks, from ballast tanks to reactor tanks. No matter which industry you work in or which type of tank you utilise, our specialists can clean it comprehensively for you. When it comes to cleaning the tank, we utilise specialist equipment such as manipulating tools and special tank cleaning heads that negates the need for scaffolding or for human entry into the tank. However, as all of our staff are trained in confined spaces work, it means that they can climb into the tank to complete the task if it is needed.

By using specialist equipment, we are able to hasten the time in which the job can be completed and reduce the cost of the job by eliminating the need for further specialist equipment such as scaffolding. Through every stage of the process, we meet with our client to let them know of the progress. We remain completely loyal to our customers and will never leave until the job is fully completed.

Based in North Yorkshire and serving Great Britain, we have been working for several years to provide specialist tank cleaning services. We are registered with ISO 9001, ensuring that our penchant for excellent service is well documented and enforced by this prestigious accreditation. We are also accredited with ISO 14001 which highlights our dedication to keeping the environment safe and ensuring we are eco-friendly wherever possible.

As one of the leading companies in Britain when it comes to administering ultra high pressure jetting and high-pressure water cleaning, you can be assured that we complete every task as thoroughly as possible. Our highly qualified staff will work as hard as possible to provide you with high quality tank cleaning and will never leave until the job is completed thoroughly. If you have an enquiry for us or if you wish to hire our services, call us today on 01677 428 786 or e-mail us at sales@hydroblast.co.uk.

Hydroblast are the leading company providing tank cleaning services

Many industries choose to outsource the cleaning of their machinery and equipment as it often requires specialist intervention to keep efficiencies at the highest levels and maintain maximum production levels. At Hydroblast, we have a range of specialist equipment to perform effective tank cleaning for our customers, even in hard to reach areas through the use of extensive training and the best equipment available. We offer our services all across the UK, serving our growing number of regular clients.

We’re thoughtful of the impact we can have on your business in terms of increased output and productivity due to the difference we make with our specialist tube, pipe and tank cleaning services. We also know that while the work is being carried out, parts of your production may need to temporarily be slowed or halted. This is why we’re happy to be flexible with the hours we work to minimise and in some cases hopefully eliminating any downtime from company operations. Additionally, we invest heavily in the latest equipment, so that we can keep businesses running smoothly by taking the minimum amount of time required to do an outstanding job.

We know that some companies would prefer to carry out such work themselves to get even more flexibility and to retain control of all of their operations. This is understandable and we wish to be able to extend our help to those companies too. This is why we have made our specialist equipment available to all for hire, hire/purchase or to buy outright. We also have a training package that can be delivered to those responsible for using the machinery and supply you with the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) for carrying out the job in the most efficient, effective and safest ways. Get in touch by phone on 01677 428 786 or by email at sales@hydroblast.co.uk if you have any further need for assistance.

Hydroblast are the company to take care of your Tube and Pipe Cleaning

Welcome to Hydroblast, the UK’s leading provider of high pressure water jetting services. We are a highly specialised company and have a great reputation within our industry for always exceeding customer expectations and giving great value for money. We’re based in North Yorkshire and have excellent reach to provide both our products and our services nationwide. We recognise the danger of working with ultra high power jetting systems, which is why we’re always updating and refining our Health and Safety policy to minimise the chance of injury in both our workplace and those that we work in. This has included registration with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are also members of the Water Jetting Association, the highest authority in our industry.

We have a range of specialist services to offer our customers including tank cleaning, surface preparation and also tube and pipe cleaning. In order to maximise our efficiencies, we’re always investing in the latest machinery and technology. This way, we can always remain proud about the services and products we’re selling are of the highest quality. Our machine operators are highly experienced and undergo extensive training and performance reviews as we know the importance of getting our work done safely and effectively.

Tube and Pipe Cleaning is essential in a range of industries to ensure clean equipment and maintain optimum performance in all machinery. It can help improve flow by reducing the unwanted deposits left in piping, thereby improving overall productivity. Using the latest equipment, we always deliver an effective result of the highest quality.

If you would like to get in touch with Hydroblast about any questions or concerns you may have, or alternatively to obtain a quote for any work you need doing, we would be happy to hear from you. Our phone number is 01677 428 786 or alternatively, you can email us at sales@hydroblast.co.uk and we will respond at the nearest opportunity.

Is Hydrodemolition the answer for you?

Logo Hydroblast offers a wide range of services from paint removal to industrial cleaning as well as concrete removal and industrial jetting. In addition to these services, we use a variety of tools and equipment to carry out the job as efficiently and quickly as possible. We are a certified Falch supplier and we supply either machines or spare parts to customers through a range of hiring options from on-the-spot rental to long term hire. All our equipment is maintained to a high standard to ensure that they perform at their best whilst on the job to help you get finished that little bit quicker.Capture3

Hydrodemolition is where the concrete is removed from the reinforcement using high pressured water. This can be done via a few methods such as hand lancing and robotic hydrodemolition. Being Yorkshire’s only robotic aqua cutter contractor, we receive a large amount of clients for this service as using robotics for the job is quicker, safer and much more effective than hand lancing. Our company uses the aqua cutter HVD for our robotic operations. This is due to the fact that it’s the most technologically advanced machine of its kind and is suitable for every operation such as vertically, horizontally and over-head. With the unique 3D positioning of the front power head, the hydraulically operated steel mast and the removable side covers, the aqua cutter HVD can reach up to 6 metres whilst being capable of reaching right into corners the front power head gives the operator the capability of working in confined spaces due to its diverse positioning capabilities.

Capture4For hand lancing, we use the latest Falch high and ultra-high pressure water blasting equipment. We have also invested in state of the art attachments such as rotary multi-jet head pipe cleaning attachments and automatic internal and external exchanger tube bundle cleaners. Hand lancing is one of our secondary ways of hydrodemolition as there are some jobs that the aqua cutter HVD can’t do and due to the multitude of attachments we use, we are the go-to company for all of your concrete removal needs.

For more information about what we do, who we are or the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us via any of the following points of contact:

TEL: 01677 428786
E-Mail: sales@hydroblast.co.uk

Thank you for choosing Hydroblast and we look forward to hearing from you.

Eradicate the dirt with the application of powerful jets of water

Industrial jetting is incredibly useful for a range of procedures. Harnessing the raw power of high-powered jets of water, almost everything can be cleaned up and washed away, from chewing gum to graffiti. At Hydroblast, we utilise cutting-edge Falch machines to deliver the power of these jets of water for any task that you require of us.

There are several types of cleaning that industrial jetting can help with. Graffiti removal is one of them. Though removing graffiti would require hours of scrubbing brickwork, our Falch machines can simply jet away the paint without damaging the surface underneath. No matter the paint used, we can wash it away with minimal hassle. Chewing gum, if dotted around the premises, can be incredibly unsightly and difficult to remove. A quick blast from our Falch machines allows quick, comprehensive cleaning that simply washes away the chewing gum with ease.

For building exteriors, the application of high-powered jets of water can prove pivotal in the cleaning operation. Everything from tiles to walls can easily be cleaned of even the most stubborn stains with our machines. In interiors, our machines can help. Washing away paint, varnish and epoxy resins with ease, they allow you to remove paint without exposing yourself to hazardous chemicals. For floors in factories and other industrial settings, where paint, markings, or even chemicals could be staining the floors, these jets can wash them away with ease. For builders, we can provide our cleaning for formwork, ensuring that the equipment is fully cleaned.

All of our staff are highly-trained, and can accomplish their industrial jetting tasks with ease. As an ISO 9001 registered company, you can be assured of the highest quality of services from us, using only the best machinery. To find out more about how we can help you, call us today onĀ  01677 428 786. Alternatively, we can be reached via e-mail at sales@hydroblast.co.uk.

Blast your way to a cleaner surface

Hydroblast offers a wide range of services from paint removal to industrial cleaning, as well as hydro-demolition and industrial jetting. To accomplish these services we use a variety of tools and equipment to ensure the job is done as efficiently and quickly as possible. We are also a certified Falch supplier, supplying both machines and spare parts. We offer a range of hiring options from outright purchase, to on-the-spot rental or long term hire. Hire equipment is maintained to a high standard to ensure that all items perform to their maximum. Whichever of our services you choose you can expect the best quality.

Concrete scabbling is where you roughen up the surface of concrete using either a Falch machine or an extremely powerful water jet. The process helps to remove debris and grease from the concrete as well as providing an optimum surface for paint. The rough surface gives the paint something to grip to, producing a better finish. This is useful as the surface of concrete is normally smooth and can cause a number of problems. Concrete roads are a particular problem. If the surface is smooth it can increase the stopping distances of vehicles and reduce traction. This increases the potential for an accident.

Scabbling can be used in a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, transportation and construction. In an agricultural setting the concrete floor of a barn or animal shed is smooth and gets wet easily. This can becomes a major slip hazard for both the employees and the animals. In the long run, scabbling can save a great deal of money as it helps to prevent the loss of animals due to serious injury by making the floor safer.

For more information on any of our services please visit our website, www.hydroblast.co.uk, or contact us via telephone at 01677 42878001677 428780 or email at gerald@hydroblast.co.uk. You can get a first rate service from Hydroblast every single time.