Blast your way to a cleaner surface

Hydroblast offers a wide range of services from paint removal to industrial cleaning, as well as hydro-demolition and industrial jetting. To accomplish these services we use a variety of tools and equipment to ensure the job is done as efficiently and quickly as possible. We are also a certified Falch supplier, supplying both machines and spare parts. We offer a range of hiring options from outright purchase, to on-the-spot rental or long term hire. Hire equipment is maintained to a high standard to ensure that all items perform to their maximum. Whichever of our services you choose you can expect the best quality.

Concrete scabbling is where you roughen up the surface of concrete using either a Falch machine or an extremely powerful water jet. The process helps to remove debris and grease from the concrete as well as providing an optimum surface for paint. The rough surface gives the paint something to grip to, producing a better finish. This is useful as the surface of concrete is normally smooth and can cause a number of problems. Concrete roads are a particular problem. If the surface is smooth it can increase the stopping distances of vehicles and reduce traction. This increases the potential for an accident.

Scabbling can be used in a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, transportation and construction. In an agricultural setting the concrete floor of a barn or animal shed is smooth and gets wet easily. This can becomes a major slip hazard for both the employees and the animals. In the long run, scabbling can save a great deal of money as it helps to prevent the loss of animals due to serious injury by making the floor safer.

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